To order a copy of PROTECTION from sub Saharan African countries (PAL format), please please contact Fireworx Media in Johannesburg.

To order the DVD or access streaming of the film from other parts of the world, contact the Media Education Foundation (MEF) at The DVD is available in PAL format and NTSC formats and can also be accessed for streaming directly. General info about the film and gender-focused HIV prevention capacity building: Jill Lewis at


To purchase DVD (PAL or NTSC versions) or purchase or rent streaming access contact:

The Media Education Foundation

60 Masonic St.

Northampton, MA 01060, USA

Tel: 800.897.0089 or 413.584.8500

Fax: 800.659.6882 or 413.586.8398


Sales & Distribution: Kelly Marciano or Paige Hendry-Bodnar at

For more information about the film, its usage, and ordering DVDs and other materials in African contexts, please contact:

Fireworx Media

68 Juta Street, Braamfontein, 2001, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel: 27 11 403 4949

Fax: 27 11 403 1148


For further information about the context, focus and making of the film or further informationabout gender-focused HIV awareness and prevention capacity building, contact Jill Lewis ( who conceived film and was its executive producer.


Welcome to our site!

PROTECTION is a challenging and moving new film resource to provoke discussions among men about condoms as a ‘tool of life’ for avoiding HIV and managing a safe sexual life if HIV-positive.

The website tells you about the film, how to get hold of the DVD, and also provides important information and educational resources about HIV and condom use.



PROTECTION: A film about men and condoms in the time of HIV and AIDS; a resource to stir discussion about the significance of condoms in your ongoing HIV-prevention initiatives.