To order a copy of PROTECTION from sub Saharan African countries (PAL format), please please contact Fireworx Media in Johannesburg.

To order the DVD or access streaming of the film from other parts of the world, contact the Media Education Foundation (MEF) at The DVD is available in PAL format and NTSC formats and can also be accessed for streaming directly. General info about the film and gender-focused HIV prevention capacity building: Jill Lewis at

HIV AIDS Training

The PROTECTION DVD has four very short ‘extras’, which can provide additional input for sessions where you want to stimulate thought and take the discussion of condom use further. These can be used in follow-up sessions after viewing the whole film, or as sparks for reflection in shorter sessions.

A Condom Lesson in Cape Town (7 minutes)

Patrick Godana – outreach educator, activist from Sonke Gender Justice Network and a Lutheran minister – meets with young men on the outskirts of Cape Town and explains important aspects of condom use. The scale of HIV in South Africa, where 5.5 million people (more than one in five people) have already contracted the virus, warrants bypassing discussion of opposition to condoms.

Condoms if you Care (7 minutes)

Men (and one woman) who are active in sexual health promotion and gender equality bring into clear and compelling focus the importance of condom education and condom use. Condoms if you Care features interviews with participants from Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe who attended a Sonke/MenEngage Africa symposium in Johannesburg in 2009. (The declaration from this conference can be found under Resources.)


As Men ... The Courage to Change (2.5 minutes)

A reading of a speech Pascoal Mocumbi delivered to the United Nations as Prime Minister of Mozambique. He reflects as a man, father and political leader about the urgency for men to become more active in countering the spread of HIV and educating boys in new ways, including about condom use. Images of men of all ages underline the diversity of men needed to participate in these efforts, and the moving humanity of the boys’ and men’s lives at stake in HIV prevention.

Lifelines (2.5 mins)

A short animation featuring two imaginary versions of the life of ‘John’. First we see how his life might unfold: he scorns and does not use condoms; he is caught in the invisible chains of HIV, carrying infection into his family – and then (for an unspecified reason for you to speculate on in discussion), he does not manage to hold to his ARV treatment. In version two, a rerun of the story shows how life might unfold if he were informed and confident about condoms right from his teenage years, using them outside and inside his marriage.


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PROTECTION is a challenging and moving new film resource to provoke discussions among men about condoms as a ‘tool of life’ for avoiding HIV and managing a safe sexual life if HIV-positive.

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PROTECTION: A film about men and condoms in the time of HIV and AIDS; a resource to stir discussion about the significance of condoms in your ongoing HIV-prevention initiatives.