To order a copy of PROTECTION from sub Saharan African countries (PAL format), please please contact Fireworx Media in Johannesburg.

To order the DVD or access streaming of the film from other parts of the world, contact the Media Education Foundation (MEF) at The DVD is available in PAL format and NTSC formats and can also be accessed for streaming directly. General info about the film and gender-focused HIV prevention capacity building: Jill Lewis at

Condom Film Africa

About the film

PROTECTION confronts the complicated issues of everyday life, bringing into focus the tensions and contradictions that surround condom use.

On the DVD, the film can be played in English, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Chichewa, Zulu and Hausa.

The film delves into experiences and emotions of men in South Africa, Kenya and Sierra Leone, depicting the challenges and realities of sexual risk that men face. It provides moving, important insight into perceptions about condom use that resonate across Africa – and that often place boys and men at risk of contracting HIV.

PROTECTION takes the viewer on a journey of understanding, exploring different ways of thinking and arguing about condom use and the challenge of sexual protection boys and men face in sub-Saharan Africa, where the lives of millions are affected by HIV.

Condom education is often too brief, too didactic and not in touch with the realities of men’s lives.

PROTECTION opens up in unique and poignant ways some of the social realities and influences men and boys have to navigate and confront to make sex safer.

Drawing viewers in through the fascinating, ‘tough man’ world of boxing in South Africa, then through dialogues that span generations, urban and rural divides in Kenya and post-conflict realities in Sierra Leone, the film makes vivid an array of questions to debate, issues to clarify, and positions and approaches to challenge and explore.

In depicting the realities of men’s lives, PROTECTION galvanises discussions, deepens understandings of HIV and AIDS, and strengthens caring, realistic and supportive strategies of prevention – particularly strategies that underscore the importance of condoms for men.

How to view it  

PROTECTION is a valuable resource for ongoing HIV prevention initiatives.

Its facilitator’s guide, included in the DVD and also available on this website under RESOURCES, highlights issues surrounding condom use that need to be discussed. It also suggests different ways to utilise the film and lists questions that can help focus discussion after viewings. The film website is a rich source of information and links regarding HIV, condom use and the importance of men’s involvement in active responses to HIV and AIDS.

Before you show the film, it is recommended that you read through the facilitator’s guide and prepare a brief introduction, presenting the film as a thought-provoking tool. Immediately after the showing or in a later follow-up session, it is recommended that you facilitate a structured discussion of the issues the film raises.

The pages on the website also offer you further food for thought and information that can enrich your discussion.

On its own, the film makes for an absorbing 110-minute viewing with your group, congregation, students, NGO team or local community. It can also be shown in three separate parts, one section at a time.

The DVD menu offers several options:

  1. You can show the full film, which runs for 110 minutes.
  2. You can show any one of the film’s three sections (each is about 35 to 40 minutes long). Parts one and three include one of the short extra features discussed below.
  3. Four very short mini-films, the ‘extras’,  are useful to stimulate discussions in shorter time frames, or to focus discussion in ensuing, follow-up sessions (also can be played under RESOURCES on this website). These cover:
  • A careful, clear dialogue about condoms between a man of faith educator and young men (7 mins)
  • Male sexual health advocates from different African countries speaking about condoms (7 mins)
  • Animated images showing vividly the consequences of (non)condom use in one man’s life (2.5 mins)
  • Moving words from an African political leader (2.5 mins)

You can prepare handouts and questions from the accompanying guide or from pages on this website for people to take away and discuss with friends or family.

Ideally, detailed information about the correct use of condoms should also be made available for questions, clarification and later reflection for viewers.


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PROTECTION is a challenging and moving new film resource to provoke discussions among men about condoms as a ‘tool of life’ for avoiding HIV and managing a safe sexual life if HIV-positive.

The website tells you about the film, how to get hold of the DVD, and also provides important information and educational resources about HIV and condom use.



PROTECTION: A film about men and condoms in the time of HIV and AIDS; a resource to stir discussion about the significance of condoms in your ongoing HIV-prevention initiatives.