To order a copy of PROTECTION from sub Saharan African countries (PAL format), please please contact Fireworx Media in Johannesburg.

To order the DVD or access streaming of the film from other parts of the world, contact the Media Education Foundation (MEF) at The DVD is available in PAL format and NTSC formats and can also be accessed for streaming directly. General info about the film and gender-focused HIV prevention capacity building: Jill Lewis at


PROTECTION is a creative documentary exploring the ways in which men and boys in South Africa, Kenya and Sierra Leone relate to and experience condom use.

Accompanied by a facilitator’s guide, the film explores why correct and consistent condom use remains a challenge for many men across the continent, despite the fact that condoms are widely available.

The film brings into focus tensions and contradictions that surround condom use – and engages viewers with many of the complicated issues familiar in daily life. The film is divided into three sections:

Soweto, South Africa:

Following the stories an elderly, respected trainer in a Soweto boxing club and a young Johannesburg boxer, this section looks at the challenges in caring for a healthy, strong body in a world of HIV.


A stone carving community comes together to discuss what can be done to stop tradition dying out as result of HIV and AIDS; those who have suffered loss or are living with HIV argue against reservations and call for new approaches to condom use in realities of sexually active lives.

Sierra Leone:

This section explores the different attitudes and approaches of two young men with different views on condom use in a shanty town in post-war Sierra Leone.


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PROTECTION is a challenging and moving new film resource to provoke discussions among men about condoms as a ‘tool of life’ for avoiding HIV and managing a safe sexual life if HIV-positive.

The website tells you about the film, how to get hold of the DVD, and also provides important information and educational resources about HIV and condom use.



PROTECTION: A film about men and condoms in the time of HIV and AIDS; a resource to stir discussion about the significance of condoms in your ongoing HIV-prevention initiatives.